Yahad–In Unum combines the Hebrew word Yahad, meaning “together” with the Latin phrase In Unum meaning “in one.” Founded in 2004 by internationally renowned humanitarian and activist, Father Patrick Desbois, we are a global organization raising consciousness of the sites of Jewish and Roma mass executions by Nazi killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II. This was the infamous “Holocaust by Bullets,” the prototype for the ensuing disease of modern genocide. The massacres in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur, the Balkans and Syria have all been modeled after the systematic tactics carried out during the “Holocaust by Bullets.”

By researching and exposing the evidence of these horrific but little known crimes against humanity, we are bringing closure to the memory of the victims. Moreover, we work to spread universal awareness of the need to recognize and denounce the ongoing epidemic of global genocide.


  • 1. Substantiate a “Holocaust by Bullets” or mass executions of Jews that happened outside of Nazi concentration camps

  • 2. Provide evidence of mass executions to answer the Holocaust deniers of today and tomorrow

  • 3. Give proper respect to the victims’ burial places and enable their preservation

  • 4. Disseminate and help apply the universal lessons about genocide derived from our work


Unsilencing history

Our organization seeks to unsilence a chapter of history that has remained silent for far too long. In the former Soviet Union, we seek out eyewitnesses to the executions of Jews and Roma as we work towards identifying each execution site and mass grave. The surviving witnesses are in their 80’s and 90’s, and their first-person accounts of history will soon no longer be available. The window of opportunity to collect the evidence is rapidly closing. Without eyewitness testimony, it will be impossible to identify the location of the mass graves and collect the evidence of the genocide.



In the Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest's Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews, Father Patrick Desbois documents for the first time the murder of Jews who were exterminated by Nazi mobile units in the Ukraine in WWII. Based on wartime documents, interviews with locals, and the application of modern forensic practices on long-hidden gravesites. Nearly a decade of further work by his team, drawing on interviews with 5,000 neighbors of the Jews, has resulted in stunning new findings about the extent and nature of the genocide.

Narrated in lucid, powerful prose that has the intimacy of a crime report, In Broad Daylight: The Secret Procedures behind the Holocaust by Bullets shares further details of one of WWII's bloodiest chapters. Father Desbois assembles a chilling account of how, concretely, these events took place in village after village, from the selection of the date to the twenty-four-hour period in which the mass murders unfolded. Today, such groups as ISIS put into practice the Nazis' lessons on making genocide efficient.

AFYIU is a 501c3 US non-profit organization dedicating to supporting the work of Yahad-In Unum and Patrick Debois.

Together in One.


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